Bob Sima

This is what

transformation sounds like...

These words are divine dictations. 
Bob is an “untrained” musician who allows his music to roam free of rules.

His superpower is an unbridled desire to articulate a path of awakening to the heart of humanity through his songs.

He is a songwriter not intent on entertainment, yet he is entertaining.

He accomplishes in a four-minute song what a skilled orator creates in an hour-long speech.

the songs gently hold your hand, slowly infiltrating your old ways of thinking - like a guide that you did not invite, yet you would never ask to leave.

The songs ask nothing of you, yet you cannot avoid acting on the emotions they create within you.

This music is not for the passive listener.

As a songwriter, Bob sima has won a laundry list of awards in multiple genres and music markets - yet his music is genre-less.

He's more influenced by gandhi than dylan, and He's more at ease sharing the stage with marianne williamson than sting.

His music has graced such varied stages as the kennedy center and turning point recovery center.

He is a prolific songwriter with a catalog of 9 albums and is becoming a world-wide messenger through his music.

Have you ever considered that using songs as transformational tools is far more powerful than books? When we read a book, we generally forget much of what we read.  The songs can follow you everywhere. The true power of a transformational song is that it can live with you everywhere you go, relentlessly inspiring you.

Bob is carving his own very unique niche, blending his music with meditation, breathwork, and workshop experiences. His music gives him license to be a mentor, teacher, and minister, and he uses this license in a completely unique way, creating totally unique transformational content.

"Bob is picking up where John Lennon left off."

Americana Community Music Association

"Everyone needs to hear Bob's song 'Be the Change', it's a very important song for these times."

Marianne Williamson, Author and Activist and Presidential Candidate

"The soundtrack to your inner life."

Susan, a listener from GA

Bob Sima Music LLC contracts Music Services to Where the Light Gets In Ministries, a 501(c)3 religious organization affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love

Spirit of the Jungle
Chichen Itza, Mexico

17-24 March 2023




Boldly Going Nowhere is about:
making space, arriving, and un-doing

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