On your stage is where they shine

"Do yourself a favour and make sure you find a way to experience them and their music, you’ll be blessed beyond measure. They had us from the first song."

- Dr. Kenn and Deb Gordon, Center For Spiritual Living, Kelowna BC, Canada


OUR CONCERT EXPERIENCE IS CALLED “CONSCIOUSNESS IN CONCERT”. Think “jason Mraz meets MAya Angelou”. We go from foot-stomp to pin-drop at just the perfect moments. everyone in the room feels together, yet in their own journey.


Bob and shannon lead you through some powerful experiences with music, meditation, breathwork and shamanic journeying. they also host their own weekend retreats annually and can easily customize a retreat day/weekend for your group, organization, tribe.


For conferences, events, spiritual centers, or business team-building, Shannon weaves bob’s songs in and around her presentation. It’s like having a keynote and a concert in one divine package.

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“My community has never responded so enthusiastically before to a new musician. ”

-Michelle Wadleigh, CSL North Jersey