A Master class for developing a life changing practice of breathwork

Self healing

Self mastery

Self Discovery

This digital course is the ultimate resource for advanced breathing techniques with over 3 hours of step-by-step instructional video, audio, and more!

When applied, Practical Breathwork will change your life.

Do you suffer from low energy, pain, or inflammation?

Is stress, anxiety, or depression your constant companion?

Want to deepen your meditation or spiritual connection?

Ready for a daily practice that will finally bring relief?

We're here to help!


We have developed this master class by taking “the best of the best” from the entiretly of the field of breathwork. We delivered the class to thousands of participants over the past 5 years

-Shannon Plummer & Bob Sima

Breathwork has been practiced and taught for millennia...

Breathwork is a field of study and practice that is deep and wide and complex. For millennia, breathwork has been practiced and taught by yogis, shamans, zen masters, re-birthers, and energy healers for the powerful benefits it has on mind, body, and spiritual development.

We have developed this master class by taking “the best of the best” from the entiretly of the field of breathwork. We delivered the class to thousands of participants over the past 5 years.

The number one response after the workshop was “I have never felt so alive!” But the problem was, we couldn’t be with them after the class to practice it…


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How did I not know this?

The majority of us navigate through life in a constant state of low-grade stress. In medical terms, it’s called sympathetic dominance or a nervous system imbalance.

It is often caused by our breathing pattern. BPD (Breathing Pattern Disorder) is partly to blame, which is chest, mouth, and shallow breathing.

This stress and imbalance in the nervous system is a ticking time bomb.

It is often undetected and its cumulative effects are devastating:

  • Inflammation
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Poor sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Low energy
  • Endless cravings
  • Cancer (yes, believe it or not)

Relief is at the end of your nose

  • We teach you what the immortal yogis taught: optimal breath for optimal life.
  • We teach you to reverse sympathetic dominance.
  • We help you diagnose breathing pattern disorder and show you how to reverse it.
  • We inspire you to start a regular practice so you can begin the process of reversing the devastating effects of stress on your body.
  • We teach you how to make yourself feel completly awesome with no outside substances.
  • We teach you how to use your breath to manage your respons-ability (ability to respond).
"A stress-melting, mind-blowing experience! You will never be the same."
Director, Centers for Mental Health
Susana, Annapolis, MD
Yoga in Common, Cleveland, OH

Breathwork means breath, works

we know it works so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee

"When you own your breath, nothing can steal your peace."

Feel amazing!

Self healing

  • Reverse stress
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Improve circulation and reduce inflammation
  • Improve your sleep and digestion

Do amazing!

Self mastery

  • Boost your energy naturally
  • Reduce or remove cravings
  • Sharpen mental clarity and focus
  • Master your emotions and responses

be amazing!

Self discovery

  • Deepen your meditations
  • Live in a sense of awe
  • Expand your ability to be present
  • Connect to yourself and others at the soul level

What You


  • 17 step-by-step instructional breathwork techniques
  • 12 foundational videos, physiology, theory, and inspiration
  • 12 Audio companions for on-the-go practice
  • Inspiring music soundtrack to the breathwork exerience


30 day money back guarantee