Healing Hearts Through Healing Arts

Bob and Shannon have always had a ministry. In 2019, they fully committed themselves to the mission and made it “official” when they completed the ordination process through the Alliance of Divine Love (ADL). As ADL ministers, they are now dedicated to an alliance with a much grander calling.

They founded Where the Light Gets In Ministries to promulgate their work and to share it with more people.

The Why

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with news, media, and cultural messages that induce fear, anxiety, violence, and hopelessness. Many are overstimulated, device-saturated, under-connected, and ironically lonely on a planet with 8 billion people. Current culture is somewhat lacking a proper answer to all of this.

The world appears to be more relentlessly divided as it experiences major shifts and growing pains.

Being relentlessly inspired could be our greatest defense against further degradation of humanity’s connection with one another.

Major religions are declining or even crumbling all together, yet were all born from foundational concepts of spirituality.

The world needs people who practice spirituality in their daily lives.

We need constant reminders, tools, and daily inspiration. 

We need a relentless practice. 

We need to be spiritual practitioners!

We need people who model basic universal spiritual principles.

We need people who commit to doing their individual work.

We need people who have a rich inner life that supports others. 

We need people who live from an inspired, loving, and centered place.

All this requires a relentless practice.

An inspired mission

The lyrics from Bob’s song “No Mud No Lotus” partly inspired this ministry. The lyric is: “The wound is where the light gets in”.

Where the Light Gets In Ministries is here to spread light. We want to relentlessly inspire all to look closely at our lives, develop self-awareness, and act from an inspired place. It is up to every individual to narrow the divide in this world.

Our goal is:

To provide you easy to access, quick to consume, addicting (being a WTLGI addict is a positive thing!), spiritually-focused tools and practices. 


We want you to use them to integrate into or to create your own daily practices. 


For inspiration that fuels your growth and expands the light in your soul.

no one left out

Many people who could truly benefit from this work may not have easy access to it. They are the ones on the fringes, silently suffering.

What is the likelihood that the kid from a disadvantaged community, who has suffered at the hand of bullies and familial abuse, will come into contact with this work? Or the over-worked single parent who has not the time nor the funds to attend a transformational retreat?

Imagine if they could. How might it impact their life?

Where the Light Gets In Ministries vows to reach those whose lives could be vastly changed with some relentlessly inspired ideas that they didn’t even know existed.

Your support Changes Lives;
Changed LIves Change the World

When you donate to this mission – this ministry – your funds will go to the proliferation of this work and this mission. Your support will help make the world a kinder, gentler, more loving, and less divided sanctuary.

Your support may offer a scholarship for the single mom to attend a transformational retreat. When she has time to sit with herself without distraction, she may just realize what her purpose is beyond the role of mother.

Your support may allow a youth group to learn about the power of meditation so that they can grow into adults who respond – who don’t react – to what life sends their way.

Your support may just get a positive song into an abused child’s mind. Their favorite line could sound over and over again, becoming their mantra, their prayer, their safety, their resolution. That could rewrite the story of repeated violence as a story of resilience and service.

Your support may help a person, desperate for some much needed one-on-one healing, coaching, or counseling to be able to get to the root of their lifetime of suffering.

Your funds will, undoubtedly, inspire the creation of more content to relentlessly inspire an ever divided world. A world where more music, more inner wisdom, and more open-hearted people will shine a new light in this world and begin the process of healing for humanity.

"If you're the only one to believe, stand up and set it free. put a little more love in the world."
-Bob Sima (from the song: putalittlemoreloveintheworld)