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Shannon Marie Plummer

Shannon Marie Plummer

Rearranging the Pieces of Your Soul

Helping You Speak Your Passion...

"I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me."

~Hermann Hesse~

You have a calling. You think of the calling as some poetically romantic concept. You consider it an urgency, a dream, a gift. You create a vision board to see it come to life; you journal as you hear it speak to you; you set your goals to attract it into being. Yet something is preventing it from fully materializing.

In one revealing moment, you acknowledge that the calling is not a voice pulling you toward something outside of you. The calling is you. It is the deeply aware and inspired inner voice screaming to be recognized, to be heard, and to be addressed. In another revealing moment, you acknowledge that the blocks are not about someone else. The blocks are about you.

You have sought a safe space to share that drone of internal confusion with someone who genuinely wants to hear its voice, who helps clarify its message, who commits to its resolution, and who holds you accountable to live beyond its reach. This is where I enter.

Shannon is literally piecing my soul back together.
She has truly been a life saver for me.

LM, Woodstock GA

Do you question why patterns keep repeating in your life?

Are you willing to open doorways to the undiscovered?

Do you want answers to the unexplainable?

Are you seeking a sense of wonder and fulfillment?

Do you want to start a new adventure filled with passion?

Are you ready for your new self-portrait?

Do you want to release old paradigms and clear your path ahead?

Are you committed to your personal healing?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, what are you waiting for?

You are standing at the doorway to your passion...

You can feel it, taste it, breathe it

...so you open the door...

from a place of vulnerability, yet strength;

...and take a step onto the path...

from a place of surrender, yet intention;

...to walk your journey with passion...

from a place of non-judgement, yet discernment.

...because the world wants to know you.

Shannon's confidence and excellence push me while, simultaneously, carefully holding the space for
my exploration and development.

MM, Annapolis MD

Coaching and Shamanic Healing for You

My commitment is to help facilitate a healing journey that integrates all the important aspects of life into a full, complete, and holistic vision with clear intentions that support an individual’s, couple’s, or corporation’s core values, purpose, and potential.

Coaching is about listening to find disparities, identifying areas that block expression, finding ways to reframe and reshape old paradigms, and expressing the passions that want to birth.

Strategic visioning takes that purpose/ mission and the overarching intentions further into action planning with specific strategies that support those desires and passions.

Through the process, there are often traumas, wounds, patterns, or obstacles that are identified. Rather than ignore them, I offer shamanic journeying and ceremony to uncover and energetically resolve the source at the soul-level to create a healthy alignment of internal support and to initiate a gentle release of what no longer serves. Shamanic sessions may be combined with a coaching package or may stand-alone on an as-desired basis.

10-Session Customized Bundle



Many healing journeys require talking, coaching, healing, and integration. This package provides freedom to work as we go. As each layer is addressed, a new layer may reveal. It may require soul retrieval, rewriting soul agreements, and a past life regression to remove the energetic imprint on the soul body. Maybe we have to visit a relation who crossed over or find the trauma source further in the ancestral line. We will clear the energetic imprints and integrate at-home activities to support between sessions.

8-Session Coaching



Create an integrated set of intentions across four major areas of life:

1. Relationships

2. Health & Well-being

3. Career & Prosperity

4. Integration & Life Burpose

9-Session Shamanic Journey Bundle



Activate your internal medicine wheel of growth and transformation that mirror the natural cycle of life and of the Earth. Honor the medicine of the cardinal directions. Each journey is followed by a shamanic healing session to discern and integrate the messages of each direction. The 9th session integrates the full experience at the spiral center of Universal Love.

It was as if Shannon were leaning into my crib with all the love and tenderness of the ultimate mother goddess.

KG, Dayton OH


has at her fingertips the lighting, in her voice the thunder, and within her presence the earth.

A Shaman by practice but not by title. In her foundational lineage, the Shaman consider themselves apprentices, always deepening their connection to the spirit world. It is a lifelong way of being. Her connection started as a child. She was culling the energies, shifting the rivers, touching the other dimensions, and listening for the messages from the four- leggeds and the winged ones for as far back as her memories exist. She carried this throughout her 15-year career in government as a program manager. She is a soul retriever and message receiver for the committed ones, those seeking a path of healing and clarity. To balance the shamanic work, she is a board-certified life coach. This allows her to hold high watch for your soul while deftly guiding your human experience. In the realms of coaching and counseling which talk through issues, the shamanic practices are able to work at the energetic level for soul healing. Shannon’s combination of the two worlds offers a space for no stone to be left unturned and no questions to be left pondered. Working with Shannon is a gift to yourself. If it is time to make a change, once and for all, it is time to talk to Shannon.

Shannon is an ordained Minister through the Alliance of Divine Love and is a teacher (“Facilitator of Remembrance”) and breathwork guide.

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Speak My Passion LLC contracts Coaching and Shamanic Healing Services to Where the Light Gets In Ministries, a 501(c)3 religious organization affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love


Before the days of western medicine, cultures relied on the natural medicine of the Earth to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Every indigenous community had a rich and deep connection to the natural world, both seen and unseen. The Medicine Man or Medicine Woman of the indigenous village was responsible and held accountable for practicing the art of shamanism, constantly refining their connection to the spirit world and to the allies present to both themselves and their villagers. These spirit allies are anxiously waiting for us to recognize their presence and ask for assistance, speaking to us in forms of images, numbers, aromas, animals, plants, weather patterns, etc. They carry messages and answers without personality or emotion of the human condition. Their guidance affects healing at the soul level, rippling across dimensions to the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Through the ages the unseen has become taboo, often described as scary and discredited as crazy. Children are often discouraged from exploring the “monsters in the closet” and the “imaginary friends” they find comforting during play. The elderly are labeled with dementia and Alzheimer’s as society becomes more frenzied and frustrated, unwilling to engage their “hallucinations” to meet them where they are and learn what the unseen world is trying to tell them through their mental transition.

A committed shamanic practitioner wants everyone to realize the medicine the spirit world has for our healing, both individually and collectively. To the ever-evolving practitioner, shamanism becomes less of a practice and defines their way of life. They do not stop practicing, ever. They believe they have been entrusted with gifts that cannot be held behind closed doors or hidden in the confines of a storage room. Their practice has expanded their own consciousness and they want the same for every two-legged walking on this beautiful Earth.

Society is more enthusiastically reconnecting to ancient practices of energetic healing modalities that have supported humanity for millennia. The quest for healing and transformation should be an integrated system of practices available to us, whether ancient or newly developed. This time is ripe for transformation and the spirit world is screaming for humanity to “wake up”.

Spirit of the Jungle
Chichen Itza, Mexico

17-24 March 2023




Boldly Going Nowhere is about:
making space, arriving, and un-doing

What has eluded you
will find you here!